TWISTYHIDE - Hide/close link


Parameter Description Default
link Hide link label  
mode "div" or "span" Specify if the Twisty Hide link will use a <div> or a <span> tag. Note that if the contents contains block elements such as div, mode should be div as well to create valid HTML markup. <div>
img Specify the url of an image that will be displayed at the right side of the link.
You may use ICONURLPATH to display one of the DocumentGraphics icons. Alternatively use an image attached to the topic.
remember If "on", the Twisty state is remembered the next time the page is shown. If "off", the stored setting will be cleared.
Note: when used, think carefully about a unique name (id) for the Twisty, otherwise the cookie that is set might affect other Twisties with the same name. Also note that only interaction is stored, not the state of the Twisty when left unclicked.
start "hide" or "show" Initial state of the Twisty; this will override any setting stored in a cookie (see remember).  
firststart "hide" or "show" Initial state of the Twisty the first time the visitor gets to see the Twisty; this will NOT override cookie settings (see remember).  


%TWISTYHIDE{id="demo" link=" Click to Fold " imgleft="%ICONURLPATH{toggleclose}%"}%

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