internal package Foswiki::Plugins::WysiwygPlugin::HTML2TML::WC

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package Foswiki::Plugins::WysiwygPlugin::HTML2TML::WC a.k.a WC

Extend Foswiki::Plugins::WysiwygPlugin::Constants with constants specific to HTML2TML

Generator flags

NO_TML Flag that gets passed down into generator functions. Constrains output to HTML only.
NO_BLOCK_TML Flag that gets passed down into generator functions. Don't generate block TML e.g. tables, lists
NOP_ALL Flag that gets passed down into generator functions. NOP all variables and WikiWords.
BLOCK_TML Flag passed up from generator functions; set if expansion includes block TML
VERY_CLEAN Flag passed to indicate that HTML must be aggressively cleaned (unrecognised or unuseful tags stripped out)
BR2NL Flag set to force BR tags to be converted to newlines.
KEEP_WS Set to force the generator to keep all whitespace. Otherwise whitespace gets collapsed (as it is when HTML is rendered)
PROTECTED In a block marked as PROTECTED
KEEP_ENTITIES Don't decode HTML entities

Forced whitespace

These single-character shortcuts are used to assert the presence of non-breaking whitespace.

$NBSP Non-breaking space
$NBBR Non-breaking linebreak

Inline Assertions

The generator works by expanding to "decorated" text, where the decorators are characters below ' '. These characters act to express format requirements - for example, the need to have a newline before some text, or the need for a space. The generator sticks this format requirements into the text stream, and they are then optimised down to the minimum in a post- process.

$CHECKn there must be an adjacent newline (\n or $NBBR)
$CHECKs there must be an adjacent space (' ' or $NBSP)
$CHECKw There must be adjacent whitespace (\s or $NBBR or $NBSP)
$CHECK1 Marks the start of an inline wikiword.
$CHECK2 Marks the end of an inline wikiword.
$TAB Shorthand for an indent level in a list

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