Email is no longer a casual communication tool for family and friends. It becomes an essential tool for business communication. Today, everyone uses the email platform to exchange ideas and words, from a startup to a well-known company. Additionally, users are managing their data on a variety of email platforms. People frequently have extremely critical emails that they want to keep on their desktop. They can therefore use it offline. Our support staff recently received a question asking, "How can I save emails from Server to desktop?" The whole citation is provided below:

I got into problems. Both of my Gmail accounts, which I use, contain crucial information. I now desired to save money. I intended to store project-related emails from the server to the desktop at this point. I don't know how I can accomplish this. I am not a technical person, either. Please provide me with a clear and precise solution.

- New Yorker Catherine Clarks

You've come to the right place if you can relate your circumstance to the aforementioned question. We will offer a professional solution to copy emails from a server to a computer in today's blog. You can now download specific and numerous emails from the server to your computer along with all attachments. All attributes and properties are preserved as well. Let's now examine the quick fix for backing up server emails to the hard drive of the computer.

Advik Email Backup Wizard is a well-liked method for backing up emails from a server to a computer with attachments. It is a professional tool. This dependable tool instantly saves emails from the Mail Server to the PC. You can use the software to save each email from

You can use the software to save every email from the server to your desktop at once. It is a program made for different user kinds. It also includes an interface that is simple to use. It is the greatest option for a migrating project to use the tool. It offers complete and entirely correct facts. The user can save emails from a webmail server to a desktop email client with the aid of the Advik Email Backup Wizard.

Now that you are familiar with the tool, let's examine how it functions. To backup IMAP emails from the server to your desktop, simply follow the detailed instructions.

Save Emails in a Few Clicks from Server to Desktop

Step 1: The very first thing you should do is download the Email Download Tool into your Windows computer.

Step 2: Launch the program and choose the desired option from the list of email sources. After providing your information, click the Login button.

Step 3: The tool, which is a sophisticated solution, shows every folder. To move on, select the folder.

Step 4: From the list of 20+ Saving options, choose the one you want. Choose the file naming option and enter the destination location. Next, select the Backup tab.

Step 5: Emails have begun to be saved from the server to the desktop. After the converting procedure is finished, you will receive a complete message.

You can backup all of the emails from the server to the desktop computer in this method.

You can use the free trial version of the third-party tool if you're using it for the first time or if you want to test it out before making a purchase. You may learn how the Email Manager Tool functions and what features are available by using the demo version. 25 emails may be backed up from the server to the desktop when using the sample version. Activate the tool's licenced edition after you're pleased.

Advantages of Using Advik Email Backup Software

  • Direct email migration from server to computer with attachments is available.
  • The user can copy business email from Mail Server to Desktop with the aid of the app. The user can also save sent and received emails from the webmail server to their PC.
  • This software allows you to quickly download large quantities of emails from servers to computers.
  • Allows users to export IMAP to PST, EML, PDF, DOC, HTML, MHT, XPS, RTF, and many more.
  • When saving emails from the server to the desktop, the program maintains folder hierarchy.
  • All versions of MS Outlook, Thunderbird, Exchange Server, and other programs are compatible with it.
  • With this method, you can backup your entire server to a computer's hard drive.
  • The software is a reputable, faultless, and user-friendly product that can be accessed without the need for specialized technological knowledge.
  • When saving emails from Webmail to the hard drive, all the email properties and attributes are preserved.
  • All versions of Windows OS are compatible with the tool.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I use the tool to save emails from the Mail Server to my PC?

Ans. Yes. Emails can be saved from the Mail Server to PC using the app.

2. How can I download a whole email from the server to my desktop?

Observe these easy steps:

1. On your Windows computer, download and launch Email Download Manager.

2. From the list of email sources, select the necessary choice. Click the Login button after entering the information.

3. Choose the saving option after selecting the folder.

4. Follow the final route. Click the Backup button after selecting the file naming option.

3. Can the program be used to store certain emails from the server to the desktop?

Ans. Yes. The tool can backup certain emails from the server to the desktop.

Wrap up

How can I download server emails to my desktop? We offer the most effective method for downloading emails with attachments from a server to a computer. All emails can be effortlessly saved from the server to PC using the automated Email Download Tool. Download the tool to complete your task automatically.

Some Frequently Asked Questions to Save Server Emails to Computer

1. Can I save the emails from the Mail Server to PC using the tool?

Ans. Yes. The software is capable to save emails from Mail Server to PC.

2. How do I save an email from Server to Desktop with all the attachments?

Follow the simple steps:

1. Download and run Email Download Manager on your Windows machine.

2. Choose the required option from the emails source list. Enter the details and click on the Login button.

3. Select the folder and pick the saving option.

4. Enter the destination path. Choose the file naming option and click on the Backup button.

3. Is it possible to save selected emails from Server to Desktop using the tool?

Ans. Yes. The tool is capable to backup selected emails from Server to Desktop.

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Wrap Up

How can I save emails from Server to desktop? We provide the best way to download emails from server to computer with attachments. The Email Download Tool is an automatic solution and easily saves all emails from the Server to PC. So, download the utility and get your job done automatically.
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