Can color blindness be cured?
With color blindness, the patient can still see things but cannot distinguish the colors of those objects. This condition causes many inconveniences in the patient's daily life and work. So is this disease curable, and how can it be prevented?
There are many causes of color blindness, and here are the most common:
Genetic disorders
Due to the side effects of the drug.
Due to the complications of some chronic diseases.
Due to aging.

If you want to know a little bit about the condition of your eyes, you can use the color blind test application to check.
Can color blindness be cured?
Currently, there is no method that can completely cure color blindness, especially in cases of genetic color blindness. However, with some effective remedies, the patient will be able to better adapt when forced to live with the disease.
Here are some methods to help overcome color blindness:
Children who are colorblind will have difficulty reading colorful books or seeing words written in white chalk on a green board. Therefore, parents need to notify the teacher so that the child can receive support from the teacher and the school in the learning and training process.
- In cases where the cause of color blindness is medication, it will improve when the drug is stopped.
- Patients should also learn to remember the colors of familiar objects, which they use a lot in life and work.
- People with healthy eyesight can be asked to put color labels on clothes and objects to make them easier to combine.
- Nowadays, smartphones are very useful for people who are color blind. Patients can download applications to their devices for daily use.
Color filter: The effect of this type of glass is to increase the contrast between colors that the patient cannot distinguish. As a result, patients will be able to recognize colors more easily and will find daily activities more convenient.
- Patients should also remember the order of traffic lights to ensure compliance with the law and safety when participating in traffic.

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