-- MiaKay - 06 Nov 2019

I had a few ideas related to the new aspect changes, and put them together here.

Monolith runes
Pieces of the broken monolith near Lake Yhumara, a small set of which appear around the world. These would be affixed to existing monoliths, and would bolster an aspect's personal benefit from controlling them, but not their element as a whole. Ideas for things they could do:
  • Provide another monolith weight, making holding their monolith worth + 2
  • Prevent their death from costing the monolith, but at the expense of the rune
  • Provide a small stipend of spirit, offsetting upkeep costs for a small number of powers.
Prying them off someone else's monolith would be possible even if that person is not present, would be announced to other aspects, and would require you to control a monolith yourself. It would take time, but once started the person would need to be killed or forced some distance away from the monolith to stop it. If you succeed, the rune is affixed to your own monolith.

Lunar furnaces
Complementing the moon forge, a set of three furnace rooms would be reachable from around the forge itself. Players could fight to control them for their element, with one furnace allowed per element. These would go up for grabs cyclically, perhaps on a "yearly(IG)" schedule, which would leave one element bereft for the duration.

Maybe the gaze rooms could be moved to these, or made "free" for the duration of control.
EG. A blackened iron furnace towers over its surroundings, issuing forth great gouts of steam. A brilliant blue light emanates from within, and with it comes an oppressive cold. (Sukhder controlled by Water)

Elemental languages
I've suggested this one before, but: Give aspects the associated languages for their element, and maybe Elan to the ones currently holding a monolith.
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