Leadership Upholding for Enduring Change


As the leader of an organisation, you must be able to analyse people’s core values and personalities. In some situations, it might be Effective Leadership Essay to push through a change by being tough and assertive (Directive). In other instances, you need to foster a sense of community by securing buy-in and encouraging collaboration (Inclusive, Connecting).

To drive sustainable, lasting growth, enduring leaders set impactful missions that empower people to do their best. Throughout 2022, Alexander Group will continue to explore these key tenets of Enduring Leadership and examine how top companies achieve long-term success.


Often, the scope and reason for change influence the way your people respond to it. If the change is broad and disruptive, your people will likely demonstrate NURS FPX 4020 Assessment 1 higher resistance and lower self-confidence than if the change is narrower and more realistic. Your leaders’ energy and optimism, or lack thereof, can also set the tone for how your managers drive change throughout your organisation. The more buy-in you can get from your managers, the more successful your change will be.


Culture is the set of values, beliefs and behaviours that form a company's unique personality. It encompasses the beliefs, customs, systems, ethos and language that shape how employees think, feel and behave in the workplace.

A strong team culture can help to drive change. But how do you build one? Using a structured workshop is a great place to start. With tools like SessionLab you can easily plan and deliver a session that works.

When driving culture change, focusing on the wrong elements can be counterproductive. It's often been said that culture eats strategy NURS FPX 3200 Assessment 3 for breakfast, but if the wrong cultures are in place it can undermine even the best-laid plans. To avoid this, business leaders should focus on changing the factors and conditions that affect culture, rather than attempting to directly change it.

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