IQ test free will help you figure out how smart you are. This is the best free IQ test because it was made by the top professors and experts in the area of cognitive science. Our quick online test will give you accurate answers right away, in just a few moments. Find out what your mental skills are right now by putting your brain to the test!

The intelligence quotient (IQ) is a way to measure how smart a person is. It shows where a person stands in a big group of people. IQ tests usually check for rational thinking, language skills, the ability to solve problems, math skills, and the ability to recognize patterns in information.

The IQ Test Free is a free, standardized test that is meant to measure a person's intellectual potential and cognitive skills. It's meant to be easier to use than expensive, properly administered IQ tests, but it tries to give accurate results that are the same as those tests. Our free IQ test gives you a test that makes sense, is backed by science, and gives you reliable answers. The test is basically meant to meet the needs of each person who wants to find out what their IQ potential is and also go on an IQ self-understanding journey.

Alfred Binet made the Stanford-Binet test in the early 1900s. It was the first attempt to find out how smart someone was. The test was meant to find kids who might have trouble learning and need extra help in school. Since then, cognitive tests have been used to find out how smart and capable students are. In the field of human resources, these tests were used to put employees into groups and give them jobs that fit their skills and weaknesses.

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