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As we all know LinkedIn is a platform that is used for networking and in order for marketing or hiring as well and is somewhat similar to an email lookup tool for people

When searching for people have did you ever wondered if you can also find people on LinkedIn using their email address .

Well if you didn’t and want to know more about this then you are at the right place

This post will this guide will walk you through the steps to find someone on LinkedIn using their email address.

But before finding people how do you find the right email address?

Well here is an answer to it

Email Finder tools

Yes ! Finding the right emails using email finder tools is very helpful for many business and teams . Having the right email can improve sales and networking of your business and help you grow .

It is also very important to Choose a Reliable Email Finder Tool. One reliable and advance email lookup tool that can help you is Grapout . Using Grapout you can find the right and potential clients for your business .

Why Find Someone on LinkedIn by Email?

Usually people find other people on Linkeding for the following reasons

Networking: If you're someone who is attending a conference or an event and want to connect with people who are interested in it.

Recruitment: As a recruiter Ifyou want to find potential candidates who also match specific criteria for a job opening.

Sales and Marketing: You're in sales or marketing and want to reach out to potential clients or partners according to your business needs.

How to find people on Linkedin Using Email

Step 1: Sign In to Your LinkedIn Account

To start with login to the Linkedin Account aand in case you don't have an account you'll have to create one.

Step 2: Search

Once you have logged in find the Search Bar .

Step 3: Use the "Search for People" Option

Click on the search bar and a dropdown menu will come. Select the People from the menu.

Step 4: Enter the Email Address

In the search bar a place will say Search for people by name job title, company, etc." enter the email address of the person you're looking for and press "Enter."

Step 5: Review the Search Results

LinkedIn will show a list of people and profile that will match the email address you entered. see
Through he results and find

LinkedIn may also show profiles with similar names or job titles so be ensure that you verify the profile .

Step 6: Send a Connection Request

Once you've found the person's profile, click on it to access their LinkedIn profile page.

From there you can send them a connection request by clicking the "Connect" button.


It was Easy right ?

The only part that is usually hard is finding the righ email address . But with the help of right tool you can do it fast as well .

Grapout is one such toool that can help you find them .

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