How to Save OST Emails in PDF With Attachments?

Summary: In this blog write-up we will discuss a secure way to save OST emails in PDF format along with attachments. Read the complete article and save your emails from Outlook OST file into a portable file format along with attachments.

Microsoft Outlook is the top and most productive personal information manager application. It enables users to connect, organise, and complete tasks through a variety of capabilities such as sending, receiving, and managing emails, tracking events and applications, voice-controlled navigation, support, and much more. All of this is supported by advanced privacy and security features. Because of this, Outlook file formats are not widely accessible outside of the platform. MS Outlook stores all information in PST and OST file formats. These file types can be converted to another, such as convert OST to PDF, OST to Live Exchange Server, MBOX, and so on. To access the data outside of Outlook, the file must be exported. Thus you need to save OST emails in PDF format with attachments.

Overview: OST & PDF

Learn more about file formats:

OST file extension: The Offline Outlook Data file (OST) is an offline file that stores a downloaded duplicate of the mailbox to prevent pauses in the user's work in the event of poor or no internet connectivity.

The Portable Document Format, also known as the PDF file, is independent of any particular application, device, or operating system, as the name implies. Adobe created it to safely present documents.

Why Save OST Emails in PDF format

There are several reasons why users should save OST files to a more accessible format such as PDF. Some of the most important causes are as follows:
  • Users will find it helpful - Because of its platform independence, it may be seen from any platform, application, device, or operating system. Everyone can make and view PDF files.
  • Security and privacy Passwords can now be used to safeguard PDF files against unauthorised access. The files can only be accessed by those who have the password.
  • Compatible File size - PDF files can be compressed to make them easier to share and transfer. It is typically smaller than any other file type.
  • Easily readable - PDF files are simple to open and view for everyone. As a result, it is appropriate for all users.
Let's know about the situation with a user query -

"When I switched from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10, my Outlook 2016 version became corrupted." However, I discovered the default location of the OST file and moved it from the default location to the desktop location. But I want to print certain emails from this OST file; is there any application tool available to print OST emails to PDF format?"

Now without any further delay, let's move ahead and save OSt emails in PDf with attachments.

Efficient way for saving OST files to PDF format.

There may be a few internet applications that can assist you in saving OST files to PDF files, but stay away from them. You are dealing with sensitive data that must be converted safely. It is advisable to use a professional application that converts to PDF while keeping the data's integrity till the finish. One such programme is the Xtraxtor OST Converter software, which meets all of the requirements.

What makes it a one-of-a-kind solution?
  • OST files can be saved in a variety of formats, including MBOX, PDF, HTML, PST, MSG, TXT, and others.
  • It can recover corrupted or inaccessible OST files.
  • A complete full glimpse of all mailbox items is provided.
  • It even lets users use its 'Find' feature to hunt for a certain message.
  • Support all Outlook versions without any hassle.

How to Save OST Emails in PDF With Attachments

Follow the instructions and export emails from the OST file into PDF format along with attachments.

Step 1. Install and run Xtarxtor OST to PDF Converter tool on your Windows OS.

Step 2. After that, choose Open >> Email Data File >> OST file >> Select File form Folder.

Step 3. Here you can view your OST file data before exporting them into PDF file format.

Step 4. Click on Export and choose PDF format from the given list.

Step 5. If you want to export selective email folders from the OST file, then you can choose here and avoid unwanted conversion.

Step 6. Browse the location where you want to save exported .pdf file on your system. At last, click on the Save button to start the export process.

Finish! Here you export OST emails to PDF format along with complete email attachments using the automated tool. It is a secure and efficient way for saving OST emails without losing a single bit of data. You can use the demo version of the tool and save emails from the OST file into PDF format and access them without the need for the Outlook email client on your system.

Features of Automated Tool

This OST to PDF Converter tool has many advances and outstanding features, some of them mention here -
  • The software can convert Outlook and Exchange OST files to PDF.
  • OST Converter can save corrupted and encrypted OST files as PDF files.
  • Allow to convert OST to PST, MBOX and many other file formats.
  • During the migration process, the programme preserves the originality and integrity of the OST format.
  • To export OST to PDF in bulk, OST to PDF converter software supports batch conversion mode.
  • It can provide the quickest and most efficient transfer of OST emails to PDF format at the same time.
  • To migrate OST to Adobe PDF, the software includes a simple and uniform UI platform.
  • It includes several file naming choices for sorting and managing emails prior to conversion.
  • Save the converted and resulting PDF files to the user's preferred location on the computer's internal and external paths.

OST files save a downloaded copy of the Outlook mailbox items, but they are difficult to retrieve without Outlook. As a result, there is a need for a more user-friendly file format, and one such format is the PDF file format. The most secure way to convert an OST file to a PDF is to use a professional tool. The utility easily converts file formats while preserving data quality and secrecy.
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