Emailing has become essential for communicating and sharing files in the business world in today's rapidly evolving technological environment. One of the most popular email programs is Outlook. Typically, it stores each individual email message as an MSG file. The need to print several MSG files outside of Outlook arises frequently. This article has provided an effective method for printing MSG files in bulk. You'll undoubtedly discover the ideal answer here.

User Queries;

I'm trying to find an answer to the question of how to batch-print MSG files with attachments. My computer actually contains some Outlook exported messages with the *.msg file extension. All of these Outlook messages should be printed. Do you know of a way to print MSG files in bulk? If so, please recommend it.

Mike, from Florida

Hello, I need to print.msg files without installing Outlook. I need to print certain important messages that my customer sent me in *.msg files. But without the Microsoft Outlook email program, I am unsure of the best way to print several MSG files.

Washington, Jorden

Reasons to Export Outlook MSG Files to PDF File Format

We all know that printing MSG files have advantages, but there are also some additional ones listed below:
  • You must convert the MSG file into a portable format before printing.
  • Your document will be protected from ransomware attacks if you print an MSG file.
  • You will receive a physical copy backup of the Outlook MSG file after printing.
  • To print an MSG file, no software needs to be installed.

How to Print Multiple MSG Files at Once Without Outlook?

  1. Install Advik MSG to PDF Converter on a Windows-based PC is the first step.
  2. To pick the Files / Folders to batch print MSG files, the software offers a Dual mode. Select what you want, then click Next.
  3. The tool will now display all of the selected folders' detailed details. Pick the precise files you want to batch-print MSG files in a secure format here. Select Next.
  4. To save PDF files, the program has a specific Black & White mode. Select the location for the newly converted files' destination path here.
  5. Additionally, you can choose the file naming option based on your needs. After choosing, press Next to print many MSG files at once.
The software will then open the resulting data automatically.

Manual Method to directly Print Outlook MSG Files
  1. Direct batch printing of MSG files with attachments is a function provided by Outlook. The actions to print multiple MSG files are listed below:
  2. Press Ctrl+P to open the Print Dialog Window in MS Outlook.
  3. Then select Adobe PDF as the printer. Click Print now.
  4. Select Print Options. Attached Files To Print >> Email attachments can be printed using the print command.
  5. All MSG emails will now be saved in several files.
This manual process has numerous drawbacks. The data is frequently lost. Additionally, when printing the files manually, email formatting may be messed up. Batch printing MSG files is a laborious and time-consuming process. Those without a lot of technical understanding may find it challenging. Therefore,

Why do Users favor PDFs?

Adobe PDF is a popular file format among users since it is ideal for printing messages.

Due to the fact that the PDF extension is suitable for legal and judicial requirements, PDF is the format of choice for forensic investigators, advocates, lawyers, and other professionals.

All multimedia devices, including Windows computers, Mac computers, Android devices, and iOS devices, can quickly and effortlessly open PDF documents.

Because Adobe documents are so small, users may store a lot of information in them. Users like to save communications as PDF documents so they can print them later.

Best MSG Email Print Tool Benefits & Features
  • All Windows operating system versions, including Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows XP, etc., are compatible with the program.
  • The UI for the batch printing MSG files solution is straightforward and engaging. It is appropriate for all users.
  • The program contains a function for saving files in black and white. If you want your files in black-and-white format, you can select this option.
  • This MSG Conversion utility allows for batch migration. Here, you can print several MSG files.
  • The software also offers message embedding and attachment conversion.
  • An MSG file's metadata information and folder structure are both preserved by the batch printing tool. It upholds the
  • It retains all of the properties, including the correct layout, color, graphics, and hyperlinks.
  • Every version of Adobe is supported. Any edition of Adobe, including 11.0, can print MSG files with this tool.

We've covered how to print MSG files in the blog post above. Batch printing MSG files has been discussed using two methods. The manual version has some drawbacks. You can, however, get around these restrictions. The alternate approach is one of the quickest and most precise ways to print many MSG files.
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