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Sports injuries are a large group of injuries to many body areas that can result from physically demanding activities, including sports. Certain body components are more vulnerable to injury from sports injuries than others. The top 8 most typical sports injuries are shown below. Over 80% of all sports injuries fall into the top three categories (Runner's Knee, Shoulder Injury, and Ankle Sprain).

Keeping Sports Injuries at Bay
The best way to prevent sports injuries is to wear the proper shoes and insoles, and to replace them when they become worn out on a regular basis.
Numerous injuries can also be avoided by running on a softer surface like an indoor track as opposed to a hard surface like a road or pavement.
Prior to participating in vigorous sports, it is crucial to strengthen your muscles with weight training to prevent shoulder problems.
Never exercise when you are weak or exhausted, and always stretch properly before and after.
Never get back into athletics before your injury is completely healed. Too soon after stopping an activity can result in persistent problems.

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Comment What most people mistakenly refer to as the shoulder is actually a group of joints, tendons, and muscles that work together to provide the arm a wide range of motion, from scratching your back to throwing the perfect pitch.
But mobility comes at a cost. It could result in your shoulder's soft tissue or bone structures becoming more unstable or impinged, which would cause pain. You might experience pain constantly or just when moving your shoulder. The discomfort could just last a short while or it might persist and call for medical evaluation and care.
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