Best Instructions for Cutting Laminate Sheets Without Chipping

Laminate is an excellent material that is beautiful, stylish, durable, affordable, and easy to clean. It can be used for a variety of purposes and DIY projects around the house, such as a bookshelf, a bench, a chair, and is ideal for building kitchens, bathrooms, office desks, panels, and so on. And if you want to start your DIY, you will need to know how to cut laminate sheets. TheKingLive gives you some helpful hints so that you can do it with ease.

1. Essential tools to cut laminate

You can't cut a laminate sheet with your bare hands, right? Then, prepare those tools before you jump into your projects:



Measure tape




Cutting tools: Depending on your purposes, you can choose from a utility knife, circular saw, table saw, track saw, or anything similar.

Protective equipment: gloves, safety glasses, hearing protection, and a dusk mask.

2. What is the best saw for laminate?

If you simply want straight cuts, a handsaw will be helpful. If you want a perfect finish after cutting laminate sheets, a table saw or crosscut saw is the best option.

If you are planning to cut your laminate into shapes or into angles or curves, a jigsaw will be a priority.

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3. Why do laminate countertops chip when cutting?

Laminate sheets have a plastic finish on one side and a thick particle board or wood base layer on the other. So, the saw blade will easily tear away the laminate layer as it cuts if you don’t take specific precautions.

4. Great tips to cut laminate without chipping

There are a few tips for you to do this without chipping your pretty laminate sheets. The secret is to use a fine-tooth blade that is designed specifically for Cutting Laminate sheets. It is also necessary to mask a strip of thick tape over the cutting line on the laminate sheet and carefully measure before cutting. The tape will tear instead of your laminate. You will remove the tape when you’ve finished the cutting. A slow and steady hand will help you make an accurate cut without chipping.

You can also try to use a saw blade with lots of teeth; this will prevent chipping and cracking as well. Make sure the knife is sharp for clean cuts.

You need to be sure to use a clean blade on your utility knife. If you use scissors, it is best to use heavy-duty ones.

Don’t worry if there is a little swerving. This will not spoil the end result, for sure. A belt sander or sanding block will give you a clean, crisp edge with no chipping. You will end up with a beautiful straight line.

Last but not least, wipe out or vacuum all the fine debris, and you’re done.

With these tips, I’m sure that your laminate sheets won’t be worn down during cutting. You can find an audio track below about how to cut laminate with simple methods.

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